Form Med SpaSkin Tightening Sublative Skin Tightening

IPL Photo Facial VS Sublative Skin Tightening: Specialization

Many people go to dermatologist or spa clinics for aesthetic purposes. There are indeed many benefits that you can gain from, especially if you make sure that you maintain a regular follow-up based on your physician’s advice. Apart from facial treatments helping you look vibrant, it helps prevent breakouts and possible escalation of existing skin…

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Laser Teeth WhiteningTeeth Whitening Is Teeth Whitening Permanent?

Will Getting A Teeth Whitening Treatment Reap Permanent Results?

A perfect smile comes with white teeth. As we age, our teeth become yellow because of enamel thinning. Accumulation of acidic food, smoking, coffee, and beverages are some of the many factors that contribute to having stained teeth. Gum disease is another reason. Taking care of our teeth by proper brushing, gargling, and annual dental…

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Kybella What areas can you use Kybella?

What areas can you use Kybella?

The majority of you would be knowing about Kybella as a modern fat reduction treatment developed to specifically target stubborn fat cells beneath the chin. It will specifically target the submental fat beneath the skin and will permanently remove the appearance of the double chin with single sitting. Kybella consists of deoxycholic acid which is…

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